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Outdoor Hidden Dog Fence

Hidden Dog Fences - Hide the Fence. Not Your Yard!

DogWatch Hidden Fences, A Consumer’s Digest Best Buy

A small area – or up to 200 acres – whatever is right for you. Our outdoor hidden pet fence allows you to give your pet access to your entire yard or to smaller designated areas. And unlike more costly wooden or chain link dog fences, your pet can't jump over, dig under or chew through a DogWatch® fence. Plus, a hidden fence is less expensive than traditional dog fencing and it safeguards your landscaping rather than hiding it.

Installing the Hidden Fence

Your local DogWatch Dealer will meet with you to determine the best containment configuration for your pets and your property. We can install systems in all kinds of terrain – including orchards, barnyards, a swimming area in a lake and across woodland streams.

A wire is buried in the ground to create the containment area. A Transmitter is then installed in an appropriate location (garage, basement, etc.) and connected to the buried wire. The Transmitter sends a special FM radio signal through the buried wire.

Sample Yard Illustrations

Using the Hidden Fence

For the hidden fence to work, your dog (or cat) must wear a special 'receiver collar' that detects the radio signal being transmitted through the buried wire. When your pet approaches the hidden wire, the collar emits an audible warning signal that alerts your pet to stop. If your pet moves beyond the warning signal into the ‘correction zone’, he/she receives a mild correction from the receiver-collar. Through our Pet-Friendly™ training program using the warning signal plus flags as a visual marker, most dogs quickly learn where the "fence" is and stop before they enter the correction area.

We also offer a vibration warning signal option that works well for dogs who are hearing impaired.

Will the ‘Correction’ Hurt My Dog?

The 'correction' from the radio collar is like a strong 'static shock' - the kind you get from walking in your socks on a carpet and then touching something. It is enough to get your attention, and you don't really want to get another one, but it does not really 'hurt' you. This is enough to stop most dogs (and cats) from crossing into the correction area. The strength of the correction can be easily adjusted so it is appropriate for the size and temperament of your pet.

DogWatch it's all about your dog

Bailey and Rocky originally had a lot of bad ideas about teaming up and going on field trips in their charming Austin Estates Neighborhood. DogWatch has given them the freedom to "People Watch" & "Dog Watch" without stressing out the parents and without leaving their yard.

Bailey and Rocky's Parents
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